Rock On 2018!

Rock On 2018!

So 2017 didn’t go quite the way I planned, but that’s just what happens! The weird thing is, after years spent working on the writing, and then almost deciding that I wasn’t meant to be in the business, it all came good. I feel like I’ve come full circle, and now I’m back to being a writer. It was meant happen, I just got distracted 😉

I’ve scrambled up my career ladder a bit too. In 2017, I signed the Ruby Baker trilogy to Joffe Books, which gave me my eighth published book. I now have four wonderful publishers, and write YA thrillers, adult crime, and picture books for younger children. In numbers, my total books sold for 2017 was 9,642. I realise in the grand scheme of publishing that isn’t a massive amount, but to me it means a great deal. It means that finally, I have a business as a writer, and I can’t thank my publishers, the bloggers and all the readers who kindly left reviews for my books enough.

For 2018, I have a total of 5 books coming out, and one of my short stories is being made into a film, by indie production company, Singularis. I’ll never stop learning, and failing at some things is just part of building a business, but finally it is all coming together.

For me, and for most writers, I think the next book is always the best. You always love the book you are working on the most. In this case I’m in final edits for a standalone thriller. It’s a book I’ve been thinking about for years. The characters have changed, the plot has evolved, and finally I felt confident enough to write it. By the end of February, I will have polished the final ms enough to send it out, so fingers crossed.

I’m working my way through some great books too, so watch out for my reviews and recommendations for some Summer reads! At the moment I’m halfway through the latest Joy Ellis thriller, and loving it.



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