My Writing Day… Fantasy Writer Sam Leeves.

Sam Leeves helps launch the Booktique at Rachael’s Kitchen, Horsham.

Fantasy writer, band member and playwright – the multi talented Sam Leeves tells us about his Writing Day…

They say write what you know, but for a fantasy author that’s not the easiest advice to follow. I don’t see a lot of knights wandering around (I did meet Sir Patrick Stewart once, but I don’t think that’s quite the same). However, I am an A++ daydreamer which is a skill that really comes into its own. Why does that gentleman have such a gruff voice? It could be he has a sore throat, or maybe he’s a pirate. I’m not saying it’s definite, but let’s keep our options open.

 Fantasising makes up about 75% of my planning; creating extraordinary characters in extreme circumstances. What world would they live in? How would they react? The pieces come together quickly and then it’s time to get it on the page! I know of writers who like to work in short bursts, but I like to marathon. Give me a whole day to immerse myself in the fantasy world – please don’t make me come out of it! Let me meet the characters and live their lives for these eight hours. If it gets too much then I’ll come back to you, but, for now, I’m where I belong. Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s the nature of fantasy, but writing in a solid block seems the most successful way for me.

 My process is long and my habits are strange, I can’t deny that. I write longhand on paper for the first four drafts, sitting at my desk by 9am. If I can get three thousand words down I’ll call that a success. Eventually 5pm will roll around and there are meals to cook, friends and family to see and recharging to do. There’s inspiration to indulge on, sleep to be had and ideas left to form. I may be itching to write in these evenings, I may not even be given the gift of a full day to write (life is an expert thief of time), but patience is key. There may not always be writing to do or paper nearby, by my world keeps turning and my characters live their lives. The next day soon comes and paper soon fills and stories and lives begin again as a world continues to grow.

 Yes, I’m a writer, but I’m also a professional daydreamer. It’s amazing how often hard work looks like doing nothing at all…

Sam Leeves is the author of the novels ‘Endless Tides‘ and ‘In the Footsteps of the Behemoth‘, he is also a member of The Fawcett Society. Find him on twitter, @CptSkyheart.

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