My Writing Day… Aspiring Writer Catriona Wake

13 08 03_5219

Student, model and aspiring writer Catriona Wake shares her thoughts on fitting her A-levels around her writing ambitions…

I am currently writing my debut novel and as an A-level student studying for three A-levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, English Literature and French, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to write. When I am at home, I divide my time up into revision and writing, as writing is one of my ways to de-stress after studying. Also I frequently have one hour study sessions scheduled in my school timetable, therefore if I don’t have any schoolwork to do, I either log onto a computer or I open my notebook and just write. One of the very few things I like about the study sessions is that I can have music playing on my phone, as long as I have my headphones, in the background, as I find my writing is more productive if I have music on in the background. Also I frequently travel to see my boyfriend which means a fifty minute train journey so I make sure I have my notebook and I write, sometimes drawing on events or conversations that happen on the train.  Also I try and make sure I have either my phone or my notebook on me when I am out and about as I sometimes find inspiration at the most random moments and usually when I’m not trying to find it. Also, I always make sure that I have my notebook close to my bed because I sometimes find inspiration when I am finding it hard to fall asleep as this is the time of day when my brain wanders the most and I think of something that would be good for a character to say, or the plot line, or an idea for a new book. If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it, as that it what my memory is like, so I always make sure I have a way of writing my ideas down. I find the time to write by using every single free moment I have to write. Because if I didn’t, nothing would get written and it would just stay half-finished as a computer document that would never get to see the light of day.

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