Diary of a Pop Up Shop… Countdown to Launch!

Business Magazine March 2015

After months of planning, last minute disasters, and inspirational ideas we are finally ready to launch Pop Up Horsham. Five incredible entrepreneurs will kick off the scheme with an official launch and photo call on June 1st, and we now have an exciting programme of mentoring and workshops to give them a very special business ‘toolbox’ to continue on their journey.

As usual we would not have come this far without the support of Emma Jones at Enterprise Nation, Horsham & District Council and numerous other business experts who have given their time and advice to this pop up project.

So, much still to do and not much time to do it in, but we are up for the challenge! Our Board of Directors is being assembled, and again thank you to all those who have volunteered for this.

Luckily our secured shop unit has the original fittings left behind by a previous tenant and they are spot on for the clean, contemporary but slightly quirky look we are aiming for. The large windows and frontage are welcoming and provide excellent scope for visual merchandising.

As ever location is key, and the windows can be seen from some distance, whilst the wider than usual roller front means customers are more likely to linger and browse. Our friendly, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are keen to talk to Horsham shoppers about their products and in some cases will be handing out freebies of trial products (!)

In any retail environment customer service is so important, and a pop up shop is no different – hard sell is very outdated, and in my experience customers will back off rather than be forced into buying. If they do buy in this case they may well eventually be dissatisfied with a) the product and certainly b) the whole experience. Hence our shop is about having fun, making friends, and showing the district some really amazing small businesses, who may well be back on the high street in the future with a shop of their own 😉 And if you want to buy a product? Well that’s up to you!

Apply now using the application form on our website…


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