Before I Left

A long hot summer, a city by the sea, and a serial killer on the loose.

Long-listed for the UK International Novel Writing Competition, Before I Left is book one of the Ruby Baker series, set in Sixties Brighton.




Roadkill was my first book – a YA contemporary thriller set against the background of a fictional networking site for daredevil teens; LiveWire.

2am is “Dead Hour” when the vast stretch of motorway is quiet; deserted apart from the body of a teenage girl, sprawled across the fast lane…

Eighteen year old Caz is struggling to come to terms with the death of her older sister Rose, who died in a supposed hit and run accident. Caz is determined to find the driver who killed her sister, and discovers Rose was involved in a dubious social networking site for thrill-seekers; LIVEWIRE.

Caz soon realises the only way to reveal Rose’s killer and take the revenge she craves, is to participate in the game that killed her sister…

And win.



Taming Tigers

Amazon Top 100 Kindle Hot New Release in YA/Dystopian

Taming Tigers is my YA/NA fantasy debut for US publisher Melange Books and will be published in July 2015 under their Fire and Ice Imprint. Taming Tigers is book one of the ‘Tiger’ trilogy.

If Cinderella carried a gun and was just as set on murder, as she was on finding her happy-ever-after…

Seventeen year old Talia is struggling to earn a living as a seamstress, surviving in the infamous Camps of war torn Arista. When her soldier fiancé Kellar suggests a bizarre route of escape – stowing away in the cross desert freight train to Leonore, Talia jumps at the chance.

In Leonore she can marry Kellar and expand her business – leaving the war behind…

But a freak accident leaves her stranded and alone in the desert. Caught between the two countries, and forced to face her troubled past Talia must choose between love and revenge, whilst playing the ultimate game of survival.

Comforted by The Guardian and haunted by The Ghost Talia begins a journey that will change her life forever…

‘A rich mix of evocative mysticism and gritty fantasy – Beautiful…’

‘I finished reading Taming Tigers last night and I loved it. I literally couldn’t put it down and had no idea how things would turn out for most of the book. That’s something you don’t see every day.’

Caroline Andrus (Acquisitions – Fire and Ice/Melange Books)




Cloud Red

(Book 1 in the Cloud Red Series) Published by Limitless Books

Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestseller in YA/Sci-Fi

The world is drowning…

Fifteen-year-old Red Evans is a water baby, born after The Floods submerged all but a chain of tiny islands. Her bleak life in the government-run Estates becomes even worse when her father is killed in an explosion at his research lab.

Convinced her father was murdered and desperate for answers…

Red, her half-brother Dett, and their friends Hayden Blazen and Farla Holstein search for her father’s Doc Box of personal effects, which is mysteriously missing from its secure storage location.

As the water rises, two powerful leaders with opposing views on how to save the population battle for control.

The only thing they agree on is their opposition of the rebel Outsiders. Does salvation lie on a newly-discovered planet—or somewhere much closer to home?

Surrounded by secrets and betrayal, Red must uncover the truth.

Fighting for survival on a doomed island, Red must learn what her father knew that could have gotten him killed. With the smart, courageous Hayden by her side, Red, Dett, and Farla become swept up in rumors, riots, and civil unrest.

As their world slips away, unsure who they can trust, they discover a stunning political plot that could save the last remaining people on earth.

Or destroy them all…


Second Chance for Love

A collection of romantic short stories – perfect for a tea break or beach read.



Kick Ass Girls of YA

A collection of inspirational YA stories, with gutsy heroines.